Tithes and Offerings

You've no doubt seen the offering bag being passed around during the Church service, but that is only one way of regularly giving financially to support your local Church.  You can also use a standing order, your mobile phone or the web links below.

Please note that cheques need to be payable to "EFGA Re: Silverdale".


Standing Orders

A standing order is a way of setting up a regular, fixed payment from your bank account.  Standing orders are controlled by you (the Church cannot change the amount or payment date), go out of your bank account at the interval you specify and can be changed or cancelled by you at any time, just by getting in touch with your bank.  They are also the easiest and cheapest form of giving for us to process and a great help to the leadership when budgeting.

The details you need to set up a standing order are available here: Setting up a standing order
It is the same form as the gift aid but you do not have to pay tax to donate by standing order.



A secure donation can be made using PayThru, and if you are a taxpayer, there is also the option to include Gift Aid.  Simply click on the purple text below and follow the instructions.

Make a donation


Mobile Phone Text Donations
To make a donation using your mobile phone you need to have a phone that can load web pages and a debit or credit card. All you have to do is text “CS016” (charlie-sierra-zero-one-six) to 64647.  You will receive a text with a link to make your donation on your smartphone's internet browser.  Donations made this way can have Gift Aid applied. 


Building Improvement Fund

The leadership have identified some renovation work that needs doing in the Church building; including the internal ceiling (estimated at £30,000 minimum).  Once money has been allocated to this fund it can be used for smaller projects, like refurbishing the foyer, through to much larger endeavours, like when the current Church building was built.  We’re also allowed to reclaim Gift Aid on any donations made to the fund. 

There are envelopes available at the back of Church for making a donation or you can make a donation online.

Make a donation to the building fund


Finding out more...

If you want to talk further about anything in more detail please come and find one of us or email us at finance@cornerstoneelimchurch.co.uk.

Michelle Fahey and Kym Stewart, Finance Officers

Last Updated: July 2018